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3 things not to forget when choosing contract furniture

Here are some of the aspects to which you may not have given much thought, and with which we can assist you here at Design & Contract Furniture

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Posted in @10:51 AM on 11/01/2017

Three tips for maintaining your frequently-used bar or restaurant furniture

Even wisely-chosen and very durable furniture can require maintenance from time to time. So, along with cleaning, here is some advice that we urge you to follow.

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Posted in @12:15 PM on 10/16/2017

The contract furniture fabric trends for autumn/winter 2017 that you should know about

Given the very real dangers to your own hospitality business’s furniture, it is useful that a company like Design & Contract Furniture not only supplies furniture, but also sources any fabric or finish needed to meet the most exacting requirements of your project with our in-depth refurbishment know-how

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Posted in @11:27 AM on 10/10/2017

The materials from which you could choose for your banquette seating

This means that among other things, we know a thing or two about the many materials in which such seating is available, and their respective strengths and weaknesses

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Posted in @01:22 PM on 09/18/2017

Which is best for your restaurant chairs – refurbishment or replacement?

However, what we can assure you is that whether you turn to us for the most comprehensive overhaul of your premises or simply a minor update to your restaurant chairs, we will provide the highest quality service, as already trusted by establishments ranging from The Red Lion in Horsell to the Blue Fin Building in London

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Posted in @10:47 PM on 08/30/2017

Make sure you have the right priorities when choosing outdoor bar stools

Enquire to the Design & Contract Furniture team today about our experience and know-how that enable us to supply the bar stools catering to each and every one of your bar’s requirements

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Posted in @04:44 PM on 08/08/2017

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