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A look back at some of our favourite past projects

Design & Contracts has long catered to some of the most ambitious and frequented bars, including the Adventure Bar in Clapham, London, which was overhauled to create the sense of a futuristic experience in the home of a Victorian time-traveller.

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Posted in @03:23 PM on 03/21/2017

How to ensure you purchase the right height of bar stool

Remember that you don’t need to feel alone in making these calculations when you come to order bar stools, as here at Design & Contract Furniture, we can guide you through the process of choosing the stools that best suit your bar

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Posted in @03:28 PM on 03/14/2017

5 tips for making your bar a success

There is a very significant difference between being a good bartender and actually running a bar successfully – a lesson that many owners of such a business learn the hard way. Here are five steps to take to help ensure your establishment’s long-term popularity and profitability

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Posted in @03:42 PM on 03/10/2017

5 reasons to opt for Design & Contracts as your banquette seating suppliers

why should you make Design & Contracts your choice of banquette seating suppliers?
We can think of at least five very good reasons.

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Posted in @07:28 AM on 02/22/2017

3 factors that should dictate your choice of restaurant chairs

here at Design & Contract Furniture, we have an impressive track record of supplying restaurant chairs that meet our clients’ exact needs, it’s also well worth considering the following factors before contacting us

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Posted in @02:58 PM on 02/13/2017

5 bar furniture options and what you need to think about

Here are five of the types of furniture that we have supplied to bars, and which could give you some invaluable ‘food for thought’ for your own business.

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Posted in @03:16 PM on 02/06/2017

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