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5 categories of bar and restaurant furniture to consider

Here are just five categories of furniture that we have long supplied, and which may be of relevance to your own establishment’s next project

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Posted in @01:00 PM on 05/31/2017

The many fine establishments for which we have provided banquette seating

So, as one of the premier banquette seating suppliers in Berkshire and the South East, we thought we’d tell you a little more about these establishments and projects

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Posted in @11:49 AM on 05/30/2017

Don’t underestimate the challenges and costs of a bar refurbishment

It is expensive to start a bar even if you are making use of a former bar premises that may already seem to have many of the essential elements you require. Of course, if you are retrofitting a bar from scratch, you can expect costs easily running into the tens of thousands

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Posted in @03:33 PM on 05/04/2017

How we have previously served a wide range of London venues

There are many more London venues that we could cite as an illustration of our capabilities, including the Patisserie Valerie in Kingston for which we supplied the likes of Prag side chairs from the Chic range and Rosella Side chairs from the Eleganza range

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Posted in @04:47 PM on 04/13/2017

A look back at some of our favourite past projects

Design & Contracts has long catered to some of the most ambitious and frequented bars, including the Adventure Bar in Clapham, London, which was overhauled to create the sense of a futuristic experience in the home of a Victorian time-traveller.

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Posted in @03:23 PM on 03/21/2017

How to ensure you purchase the right height of bar stool

Remember that you don’t need to feel alone in making these calculations when you come to order bar stools, as here at Design & Contract Furniture, we can guide you through the process of choosing the stools that best suit your bar

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Posted in @03:28 PM on 03/14/2017

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