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The importance of a bar in your restaurant

One of the greatest is that bars and restaurants are frequently intertwined within one establishment, so that a consistent brand image, message and colours can be used throughout the premises

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Posted in @04:48 PM on 07/26/2017

5 reasons why diners love restaurant banquette seating

As leading banquette seating suppliers here at Design & Contract Furniture, here are five reasons that come to our minds for customers’ consistent fondness for this distinctive type of seating

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Posted in @01:41 PM on 07/17/2017

What can we offer to the most prestigious bar establishments?

Whether you have the most exacting needs for individual pieces of bar furniture such as bar stools and tables, or would instead like us to assist you closely with the complete refurbishment of your venue, Design & Contracts can help

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Posted in @11:22 PM on 07/11/2017

Is it a good idea to buy used restaurant chairs?

A lot of restaurant owners find chairs online or in big-brand name stores that may seem suitable for a restaurant. However, there’s a strong chance that such chairs will have been designed and made for a residential purpose rather than a commercial setting

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Posted in @03:39 PM on 06/26/2017

It’s worth remembering that we provide a truly national service

When you wish for your business to play its part in Britain’s continuing great economic success story, there’s no need to look further than Design & Contract Furniture

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Posted in @04:04 PM on 06/05/2017

5 categories of bar and restaurant furniture to consider

Here are just five categories of furniture that we have long supplied, and which may be of relevance to your own establishment’s next project

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Posted in @01:00 PM on 05/31/2017

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