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Re-fresh the garden of your business this Summer with Design & Contract Furniture

With Summer fast approaching, Design & Contract Furniture is encouraging businesses to consider their outdoor furniture arrangements ahead of the ‘pub garden’ season.

As an established furniture supplier to pubs, restaurants, cafes and nightclubs across the UK, Design & Contracts has recognised the importance of high quality, comfortable furniture for outdoor areas to help a business to thrive during the summer months.

Pub gardens and outdoor dining have grown in popularity in the UK, especially as summers are getting warmer. Creating this sociable area using modern, comfortable furniture alongside the right lighting and décor is a fundamental part of attracting customers and offering them a great experience.

Having worked with many customers to create their brilliant beer gardens and social areas, Design & Contracts knows that finding furniture can be a challenge, especially for the right appearance, comfort and quality. For this reason the company does not stock a standard range, but works closely with the customer to source a range of furniture tailored to the needs of each business.

The team at Design & Contracts believes that having a good-looking, well-furnished pub garden is very inviting for groups of families and friends, and has found that many of its customers have recognised the impact of this social space on the success of their business. The company, with many years’ experience of supplying bespoke furniture solutions to businesses, has a great understanding of what furniture works best in certain spaces, in different settings and amongst which clientele groups.

A business’s range of outdoor furniture can be anything from simple dining seats and tables, to benches, sofas and low-level tables to offer intimate or communal arrangements. Design & Contracts works with a range of high-end furniture manufacturers to provide an extensive range of products to match any desired requirements, taking into consideration the culture of the business.

The company only offers high quality solutions that are hard-wearing and low maintenance so that they are not compromised by the occasional windy day or the constant daily use by copious numbers of customers. In specifying such robust furniture, businesses will not need to replace the furniture for the next summer season. Options such as light-weight or stackable chairs or tables can be easily moved to an indoor space throughout the rest of the year for extra protection from harsh weather conditions. More elaborate, decorative seating options such as sofas or benches and low-level coffee tables can also be easily moved indoors to offer extra seating during the other months.

There are many benefits of having great outdoor furniture and Design & Contracts encourages businesses to start considering their requirements to ensure that their gardens are ready for the busy summer season. Though it is often very difficult parting with existing furniture that has been a part of the business’s theme for a long time, using Design & Contracts’ experience to create a new look is very rewarding and creates a great buzz amongst customers.

A small selection of Design & Contracts outdoor furniture range can be found on the company’s website,, with many more alternatives and bespoke solutions available to discuss with the team on 01344 628108 or by emailing [email protected]

Posted in News, @04:27 PM on 04/13/2016

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