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5 categories of bar and restaurant furniture to consider

With our extensive list of past projects for which we have supplied the finest quality bar and restaurant furniture including the likes of The Exhibit Bar in Balham, SUSHISAMBA in London and 39, Reigate, here at Design & Contract Furniture, we have long taken great pride in providing items that match the most exacting client requirements.

However, when you are only just starting to investigate having a bar or restaurant fitted out or refurbished, it can be easy to become overwhelmed by the many options for furniture. Here are just five categories of furniture that we have long supplied, and which may be of relevance to your own establishment’s next project.

1. Banquette seating

Banquette seating is also known as fixed seating and provides a wide range of benefits to both your business and its patrons. Such seating enables you to make the best use of space in your restaurant or bar, while also giving customers enhanced comfort and privacy compared to standalone tables and chairs. Indeed, you may have noticed that when a bar or restaurant is empty, customers walking in for the first time have a tendency to head first in the direction of the banquette seating.

2. Outdoor furniture

When you are looking for the perfect furniture for the street in front of your establishment or an outdoor terrace, it makes sense to invest in dedicated outdoor furniture. Such furniture looks good in the comparatively visible locations in which it is usually placed, while also being comfortable, practical and long-lasting in the face of the elements to which it is often exposed.

3. Bar stools

Bar stools are the perennial bar furniture essential, a firm indicator that one is entering a place of sophistication where prime socialising takes place. We have previously written here at Design & Contracts about how to make sure you specify the right height of bar stool, and we have also long supplied bar stools to suit various aesthetics desired by the bar owner, including both homely traditional and cutting-edge modern designs.

4. Tables

Restaurants are not all the same, and much the same can be said of their tables. With restaurant tables so central to the experience of restaurant dining, you will need to consider which materials and aesthetics will best suit the brand to which you aspire for your establishment. The many chic designs that we have supplied in the past such as the Alpha Table Base help to demonstrate the broad range of possibilities for restaurant tables.

5. Modular seating

Modular seating, as its name implies, comes in the form of ‘modules’ that can be arranged in different ways to suit the specific bar or restaurant space, or if simply the owner desires a change in their premises’ existing seating layout. It is an extremely versatile form of seating that can play an instrumental role in creating the kind of atmosphere that you desire for your bar or restaurant.

Get in touch with the Design & Contract Furniture team today about the various types of bar and restaurant furniture that we can supply to your business, whether it is near or far from our Ascot, Berkshire base.

Posted in @01:00 PM on 05/31/2017

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