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5 reasons why diners love restaurant banquette seating

It is a phenomenon that you may have observed in your own establishment or instead others that you have visited – either way, it is a difficult one to deny. Many restaurant patrons simply feel drawn to banquette seating more than any other type of seating, whenever they see it available on walking into a given eatery.

As leading banquette seating suppliers here at Design & Contract Furniture, here are five reasons that come to our minds for customers’ consistent fondness for this distinctive type of seating.

1. Privacy

Whatever end of the market a restaurant serves, many diners simply wish to enjoy a certain level of privacy while they eat.

Banquette seating is designed to fit neatly against a wall or even a corner of a restaurant, which means those sitting there are less easily seen by everyone else in the establishment.

2. Reduced traffic

The installation of banquette seating against a wall or corner also means that the various users of the restaurant space – including the waiting staff and other patrons – can only pass by one side of the seating.

Those sitting at restaurant banquette seating are therefore largely shielded from the sense of hustle and bustle that could otherwise distract them while they dine.

3. More room

Another reason for diners’ attraction to restaurant banquette seating is simply the greater amount of room that it affords them compared to a conventional table and chairs.

It is a type of seating that often especially appeals to working professionals who wish to be able to spread their papers and electronic devices across the table and drape their coat or jacket on the seat, while still having more than enough room to eat.

4. Comfort

Banquette seating often provides greater comfort to diners than conventional seating for a number of reasons.

There is more room across the seating for patrons to spread themselves than is the case with a conventional chair, which is also often less sturdy than banquette seating and may not have the soft padding that banquette seating often incorporates.

5. Cosiness

The general feeling of cosiness that banquette seating provides is also frequently superior to that which more traditional tables and chairs can provide.

This can be attributed to such characteristics as the greater amount of open space that banquette seating often allows, and the diner not feeling as ‘exposed’ when sitting on such seating.

Get in touch with the Design & Contracts team today to learn more about the kind of banquette seating that we can supply for your own restaurant, in accordance with your most pressing practical or aesthetic priorities.

Posted in @01:41 PM on 07/17/2017

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