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Make sure you have the right priorities when choosing outdoor bar stools

Running a bar may be about many different things to many different bar owners, but if there is one thing that you will need to provide to your patrons to help to make your bar establishment a success, it is a compelling and unique experience.

You might provide such a unique experience in many different ways – perhaps in the form of an especially outlandish theme, or a cocktails menu unlike any other offered in your town or city.

In addition, many of those who are fortunate enough to be running a bar with an appealing terrace or other outdoor space may wish to make the most of this with furniture that is up to the task.

Purchase bar stools that meet both practical and aesthetic requirements

Here at Design & Contracts, we know a thing or two about how to choose the outdoor-ready bar stools that will best suit your establishment.

Not all bar stools are suitable for use outdoors. Visit a successful bar with an outdoor area, and the likelihood is that the bar stools used will have been constructed specifically to stand up to the elements. They probably won’t incorporate the leather or upholstered cushions that indoor bar stools often do, and will tend to offer a greater level of moisture resistance.

While outdoor bar stools are also often more expensive than their indoor equivalents, they do also usually have a greater lifespan, so may be a wiser investment given how they enable you to boost your bar establishment’s appeal.

Bear in mind, however, that even the highest-quality outdoor bar stools are not designed to withstand the worst of the elements on a 24-hour basis. You should therefore factor in extra time after your bar’s closure each night for your staff to take in your stools from outside. You should also ensure that you have appropriate storage space where there is no risk of damage to the stools – however inadvertent.

Make Design & Contracts your choice for outdoor bar stools

Examples of outdoor-suitable bar stools that we have supplied in the past include the unashamedly contemporary Bull SG002 Barstool comprising a steel frame and polyurethane shell, as well as the Echo 332 and 333 Barstools that each consist of a technopolymer shell and a painted or chrome frame.

With various colour options also available for such bar stools, we can find you a solution that perfectly matches the vibe you desire for your bar.

Enquire to the Design & Contract Furniture team today about our experience and know-how that enable us to supply the bar stools catering to each and every one of your bar’s requirements.

Posted in @04:44 PM on 08/08/2017

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