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The materials from which you could choose for your banquette seating

As we have mentioned here on the Design & Contracts blog, we do not maintain a standard stocked range, which means our business is not based on the supply of specific brands or models of bar or restaurant furniture.

Nonetheless, we have been banquette seating suppliers to a wide range of successful hospitality establishments across London, the South East and beyond – including Below Zero, Jungs Beaconsfield, JJ Whispers and more.

This means that among other things, we know a thing or two about the many materials in which such seating is available, and their respective strengths and weaknesses.


It’s not surprising that vinyl is such a popular choice for banquette seating in bars and restaurants – after all, it’s available in an assortment of colours that really help to add some ‘pop’ to the look and feel of an establishment.

Durability, of course, is one of the most important factors to consider when purchasing restaurant and bar furniture. You will therefore need to ensure you choose vinyl of sufficient weight for your own banquette seating to stand up to many years of vigorous use.


This is a choice of banquette seating associated with slightly more ‘cheap and cheerful’ establishments, such as quick service restaurants where customers usually enter and exit quickly.

If this describes your own business, you are likely to appreciate the ‘no-nonsense’, low-cost and fun feel of plastic or laminate banquette seating, which is also very durable compared to many of the other material options on the market.


Fabric upholstered banquette seating tends to communicate a more upmarket image for an establishment than either of the aforementioned alternatives. It’s an option that also presents you with a bit more aesthetic flexibility, certainly with regard to the patterns that can be used.

Remember that vinyl and fabric can be combined in banquette seating if you wish – you may like the idea of juxtaposing vinyl seats with fabric backs, for instance.


Another option for bar and restaurant owners is to have wood added as a trim or surround to otherwise upholstered seating, thereby giving many of the benefits of both wood and upholstering.

Incorporating wood into your banquette seating can give your establishment a slightly more natural, traditional and warm feel than may otherwise be the case. Furthermore, there are various wood trims from which one can choose, ranging from oak with its rustic, time-honoured feel to maple, which is lighter and brighter, thereby lending itself well to more open and contemporary decor schemes.

As you can see, there are many material options to contemplate when you approach banquette seating suppliers such as Design & Contract Furniture. Allow us to advise you on the most suitable options for your own bar or restaurant, as part of our highly rated top-to-bottom service in relation to the fit out and provision of furniture for hospitality businesses.

Posted in @01:22 PM on 09/18/2017

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