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The contract furniture fabric trends for autumn/winter 2017 that you should know about

The hospitality furniture business never stays still, and that is reflected in the fabric trends for restaurants and bars each season. We have certainly spotted a few such trends as we enter the autumn-winter period, so we thought we would highlight some.

Which fabrics are ‘in vogue’ right now?

Among the many fabrics trends that we have recently observed in the contract furniture market is futurist-inspired contemporary geometric patterns upon rich, dark colours, and the incorporation of mineral weaves into decor schemes using neutral whites and greys.

We have also seen reinventions of classic art deco patterns on velvet and even cashmere seems to have gained a new fashion lease of life among restaurant and bar owners seeking a fabric that combines a premium feel with often surprisingly competitive pricing.

But it’s also important to look after the fabrics you have

While there are certainly many new contract furniture lines that make use of in-fashion fabrics like the above, the fact that many of these examples are traditional fabrics may mean you already have bar or restaurant furniture that fits in with these trends.

Sadly, it’s also possible that such pieces of yours may have sustained damage over the years due to any number of circumstances, ranging from loose screws and the incorrect stacking of furniture to the use of indoor furniture outdoors and stains not being cleaned up properly or quickly enough.

Turn to us for the very highest in fabric and refurbishment expertise

Given the very real dangers to your own hospitality business’s furniture, it is useful that a company like Design & Contract Furniture not only supplies furniture, but also sources any fabric or finish needed to meet the most exacting requirements of your project with our in-depth refurbishment know-how.

Whether you are looking to source fabrics like the above in new condition or would like to give existing, tired or shabby products a new lease of life, contact Design & Contracts today. We will be able to closely collaborate with you to the ultimate benefit of your bar, restaurant or similar establishment.

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