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Three tips for maintaining your frequently-used bar or restaurant furniture

It may seem obvious that bar and restaurant furniture is particularly vulnerable to wear and tear. However, this doesn’t prevent a great number of establishments having problems with furniture that becomes grubby, tatty and even unsafe due to a combination of excessive use and inadequate maintenance.

Nor is it enough to simply always purchase the most hardwearing bar or restaurant furniture, given that even wisely-chosen and very durable furniture can require maintenance from time to time. So, along with cleaning, here is some advice that we urge you to follow.

Keep an eye out for torn upholstery

Upholstered furniture can be susceptible to all manner of tears and rips, which need to be spotted and addressed immediately if you are to avoid a much more expensive repair job or even replacing the item altogether. Remember that here at Design & Contract Furniture, we are happy to undertake the necessary repair work to any damaged fabric furniture belonging to your establishment, giving it a new lease of life in the process.

Rotate furniture to ensure similar levels of use

This may not seem to be a ‘maintenance’ tip as such, until you realise that periodically rotating your furniture around your establishment can help to ensure an even distribution of wear and tear across all of your furniture. Inevitably, there are certain areas of your bar or restaurant, such as those near the window, that are likely to see greater traffic and use. This tip can also be important when some of your furniture is exposed to the sun’s UV rays, which can lead to fading and deterioration.

Ensure the tightness of joints, screws and fixings

The joints, fixings and screws of bar and restaurant furniture can all be loosened over time by the pushing, pulling and weight pressures they are subjected over their lifetime. The more your tables and chairs are moved around and rearranged, the greater the risk that their component parts become gradually loose, so you should keep a regular eye out and tighten them if necessary. This may include the re-glueing or even reinforcement of wooden joints.

The better you take care of your bar or restaurant furniture, and the higher the standard of such furniture you purchase in the first place, the fewer worries you are likely to have about maintaining it so that it remains of the best possible condition and appearance.

Posted in @12:15 PM on 10/16/2017

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