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3 things not to forget when choosing contract furniture

The selection of furniture for your bar, restaurant or similar hospitality business is a major undertaking, and must be based on a thorough understanding of the distinctive requirements of your establishment.

Factors such as aesthetics, usability and durability will all need to be considered when you are seeking to gather together the furniture that will best suit your business’s needs.

To that end, here are some of the aspects to which you may not have given much thought, and with which we can assist you here at Design & Contract Furniture.

Are the walls and flooring level and straight?

As respected banquette seating suppliers, we would not want you to order such seating from us until you have established that there will be no issues when installing it in your particular building’s space.

Recurrent problems with many older buildings include the walls having a slight curve, or the floors not being completely level. Any failure to accurately measure your space’s dimensions may result in you having to hastily re-order your seating at great cost to your business.

How your customers will move, stand or queue in your premises

A central part of the experience of being in a bar or restaurant is how easily one can move around the space. Before ordering contract furniture, you will therefore need to carefully assess the various restaurant and bar areas of your establishment.

Is there potential for certain parts of your establishment to become overcrowded, such as those near the bar, toilets, fire exits and entrance? If so, the placement of tables and chairs will need to be carefully planned around this.

Materials and their respective maintenance requirements

A common mistake by restaurant and bar owners when fitting out their space is to decide on an overall look for their decor first, and then attempt to find a furniture material, fabric and colour to match it. In truth, you are probably best-advised to choose the furniture material, fabric and colour first, and then specify every other element of your decor in accordance with this.

This will enable you to select the furniture materials and fabrics that are easiest to keep clean, which may lead you to avoid white or cream fabrics that can easily sustain highly visible marks and stains. You may also want your chosen materials and fabrics to be straightforward to spot clean with water.

Remember that here at Design & Contract Furniture, we possess all of the experience and know-how required for you to make all of the right decisions when you are furnishing your bar or restaurant with tables, chairs and other essential contract furniture.

Whether you require the services of highly trusted and capable fit out or refurbishment specialists or restaurant table, outdoor furniture or banquette seating suppliers, choose Design & Contracts.

Posted in @10:51 AM on 11/01/2017

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